Personal details

Name : Danguole
Surname : Brogiene
Date of Birth: 25 April 1959
Nationality : Lithuanian


1977-1982 Vilnius Art Institute (MA in Fashion Design)
1972-1977 St.Zukas Applied Art School (textile designer)


2011- to date Vilnius Academy of Art Costume Design Department (Professor)
2002-2011 Vilnius Academy of Art Costume Design Department (Assoc.Professor)
1993- 2002 Vilnius Academy of Art Costume Design Department (Lecturer)
1982-1993 Vilnius Art Academy Department of Textile (Lecturer)

Personal Exhibitions

2013 Textile Exhibition, “Herkus Mantas“ Gallery, Klaipėda, Lithuania
2012 „The Harmony of Colours“, Lithuanian National Philarmonic Society, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 “Let‘s Play with Colours“, “La Forma“ Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 “Improvisations-3“, Lazdijai, Lithuania
2010 “Improvisations-2“, “Skrydis“ Gallery, Alytus, Lithuania
2010 “Improvisations“, Exhibition Hall of the Cultural Centre, Varėna, Lithuania
2010 “Coloured Moments“, “Akademijos“ Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2009 Textile Exhibition, “Agalerija“ Gallery, Panevėžys, Lithuania
2009 Textile Exhibition, Dusetos Art Gallery, Lithuania
2009 „The Harmony of colours“, Vilnius,Lithuania
2004 “The World of Colours”, Varena, Lithuania
2003 Textile Exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania
2002 “The World of Symbols”, Applied Art Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
1993 Jewelry Exhibition, Applied Art Gallery, Detroit, USA


2013 Exhibition “ Art for Home“ “Gallery Domus“, Vilnius, Lithuania
2012 Textile Exhibition, “Monkutės Gallery“, Kėdainiai, Lithuania
2012 Exhibition of women artists “Women‘s Joys“, Town Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania
2012 5th bi-annual exhibition of Textile, “Arka“ Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 Exhibition of Applied Art, Museum of Energy and Technology, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 Exhibition of White Objects, “White“ Gallery of Kaunas Guild of Textile Artists, Lithuania
2011 Exhibition of Applied Art, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 Exhibition of women artists “About It“, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 7th international bi-annual exhibition of miniature “To Disappear/To Survive“, “Arka”(Arc) gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2010 6th International bi-annual exhibition of miniature “Centuries and Moments“, Vilnius, Lithuania
2010 4th bi-annual exhibition of Textile “Connections“, Lithuania
2009 Exhibition of women artists „ Different Objects“, Vilnius, Lithuania
2007 Exhibition-competition of visual arts, Lithuanian Artists‘ Union, Vilnius.
2007 International exhibition of miniature „ The small m“ ( Alytus , Klaipeda, Vilnius).
2007 Exhibition of women artists „ Different Objects“, “Arka”(Arc) gallery, Lithuania
2007 Exhibition „ Ornament“, Applied Art Gallery in Vilnius.
2005 Exhibition “ Space” , Lvov in the Ukraine
2004 Conference and exhibition “Art in Architectural Spaces (1990 – 2004)”, Vilnius “Arka” (Arc) gallery, Lithuania
2004 2’nd European Triennial Textile and Fibre Art “Tradicion and Innovation”, Riga, Latvia
2004 Textile art biennale “Own Linen Closer to One‘s Body”, Vilnius, “Arka”(Arc) gallery, Lithuania
2004 Woman artists exkibition “Trip around the World”, “Arka”(Arc) gallery Vilnius, Lithuania
2003 Participation in “Don‘t Linger” Project, “Arka” (Arc) gallery Vilnius, Lithuania
2003 Accessories in “Gold in Jewelry” exhibition, “Meno niša” (Art niche) gallery Vilnius, Lithuania
2002 National Textile Exhibition, “Arka” gallery Vilnius, Lithuania
1999 International Applied Art Exhibition, Kanazawa, Japan
1995 3rd International Mini Textile Symposium Vilnius, Lithuania
1995 Autumn Textile Exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania
1994 Small Form Textile Exhibition, The United Kingdom
1994 2nd International Flax Symposium Vilnius, Lithuania
1993 Small Form Textile Exhibition, Mexico
1992 1st Intenational Flax Symposium Vilnius, Lithuania
1992 Applied Art Exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania
1990 Applied Art Exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania
1989 Textile Exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania
1989 National Applied Art Exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania
1988 Applied Art Tri-Annual Exhibition, Jurmala, Latvia
1988 Applied Art Exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania
1988 National Small Form Textile Exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania
1987 International Applied Art Exhibition, Moscow, Russia
1987 National Applied Art Exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania
1987 1st National Fashion Design Exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania
1986 Textile Miniature Exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania
1984 Applied Art Exhibition, Ulan Bator, Mongolia
1984 Applied Art Exhibition, Berlin, Germany
1984 Mini Tapestry Exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania
1982 National Miniature Textile Exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania
1982 National Applied Art Exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania

Membership in Associations

1990-to date Member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association


Phone :   +370 5 273 1766   +370 652 36590      E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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