The early period of the artist’s work may be characterized as an interesting and inventive search in the style of geometrical abstractions. Her creative method is based on abstractions of different forms, analysis of rough surfaces and rhythm and texture of materials. In those materials she is looking for the dynamism and tranquility of colours, for the harmony and contrast in their interrelationship. This search helped the formation of her individual aesthetic vision materialized through the original way of silk weaving on a flat surface. Her decorative compositions show a specific vibration of a silk thread. Though at first sight they look very simple, those compositions display a precise modeling and harmony of colour tones. A subtle vibration of thin silk threads created by the light create abstract plant forms, improvised Lithuanian ornaments reminiscent of soft sounds of songs from Dzukija. The artist’s creativity is closely linked with national traditions that predetermine the moderate tones of her compositions.

Attractive and expressive compositions by Danguole Brogiene easily find their place in contemporary constructions by emotionally enriching the environment, creating the mood of peace and concentration.

Danguole Brogiene’s compositions can be seen in Lithuanian museums, public and private interiors in Lithuania and abroad.

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